New advances in stellar physics:
from microscopic to macroscopic processes

27-31 May 2013

Station biologique de Roscoff (CNRS-UPMC), Roscoff, France (region: Bretagne)

This meeting aims to gather stellar astrophysicists interested in microscopic and macroscopic processes in stars, and throw new light on their interdependence and consequences for stellar structure and evolution. Stellar modelling is faced with the drastic improvement of observational data, including precise spectroscopy, astrometry, interferometry and asteroseismology. In this context, it is important to recognize that the chemical abundances observed in stellar surfaces are not the original ones, and that they continuously evolve inside stars, with important consequences on the stellar structure.

This meeting is in honour of Sylvie Vauclair, who has devoted a large part of her scientific career to the study of both microscopic and macroscopic processes in stars. She was among the first few astrophysicists during the 70’s who were involved in the fruitful scientific adventure of considering diffusion processes in chemically peculiar stars, and she opened further important directions of research. She also has had a prominent role in teaching physics in Paris and Toulouse universities, and in supervising a number of PhD students. She is deeply involved in popularizing astrophysics through numerous media.

Conference proceedings: EAS Publications Series, Volume 63, 2013

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